HMF Group A/S

About us

HMF Group A/S is one of the world's leading manufacturers within truck-mounted loader cranes. Our success has been created through sustained innovation, an uncompromised focus on quality and service since HMF was founded in 1945. We are approximately 600 employees at HMF Group A/S. We are present in Denmark, Norway, England and Germany. In addition, we are represented in more than 50 countries via partners.

From the head office in Højbjerg, many different work functions are performed; development of new products, documentation, marketing, production, crane installation, finance, technical support, HR, etc.

In Denmark, HMF also has locations in Roskilde, Galten, Rødekro and Nørresundby.

Working at HMF Group

HMF gives you good opportunities for professional and personal development. I started as a mechanical engineering intern 8 years ago, and today I hold a position as Production Engineer with responsibility and tasks that require me to be both innovative and creative. If you are prepared to take on professional challenges, you will definitely have every opportunity to develop and grow in HMF
Morten Nørregaard Baun
Production Engineer
I have been employed at HMF twice. After my first 7 years at HMF, I wanted to try something new, but after 6 years I chose to come back, because HMF is a company with high job satisfaction. This is mainly due to the unique social cohesion and the informal tone we have among colleagues. HMF has a flat organization, where you have great influence on your tasks and a high degree of freedom with responsibility.”
Alicia Vivier Brockhoff
Product Manager
One of the things I appreciate most about HMF, is the social cohesion we have among colleagues. HMF is an informal workplace, and we have fun together which creates a great atmosphere in our everyday life. 
Leonard Christian B. N. Fugl
Industrial Technician
HMF is an older company that is constantly evolving, which I find incredibly exciting. In HMF you are given influence on assignments and your professionalism comes into play. In addition, we are also a very social and active workplace, where we meet for sport activities and festive events, which contribute to making HMF a fantastic workplace.
Randi Madsen
Product Information Manager
I have been at HMF for many years and over the years I have had several different responsibilities at HMF. It's really nice that I am given flexibility in my later career, so I get the opportunity to go on reduced time and still be an active part of HMF and use my experience
René Dahlkilde
Product Manager

Our values

Our culture is based on the following values:

  • Customer focus: We want everyone in the company to focus on the customer and respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries.
  • Credibility: We want to do what we say and keep our word. 
  • Communication: Open and honest communication and at the same time business oriented and professional.
  • Collaboration: Reliable and respectful cooperation.
  • Accountability: We want everyone to show a common and personal sense of responsibility in everything we do.
  • Involvement: We want employees to have challenging and motivating tasks, which they have a great influence on, with clear placement of responsibilities and authorities.

The Bundgaard Foundation

HMF Group A/S
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